"Go Do Deals" the entrepreneurs guide to buying and selling businesses. The Wall Street Journal & Amazon Bestseller.

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As a consultant, I’m always helping someone else solve their problems, and the key for me is taking this and using it to create my own private equity and companies I own.

Carlos Lowenberg

This is an excellent business book. Jeremy explains why buying and selling businesses is better than running businesses. This is a much faster path to wealth than things like Real Estate. This book teaches things you will not learn in business school but very applicable in the business world. Highly recommended.

Fabrizio Poli

Do one deal and it will change your life.

Beverley Merriman

The Merger and Acquisition Strategies for SMEs eBook

A special report that is the first step to understanding many of the topics taught by Jeremy and the Harbour Club. An exceptional starting point for those serious about entering the world of mergers and acquisitions.

Topics covered include:

• How to Source Deals

• The Insider’s Buying Secret

• How to Negotiate Deals

• How to Position Yourself

• Secure Companies Without Cash

• How To Structure Deals

• How To Maximize Your Sell Price

• How To Legally Protect Yourself

Jeremy's New 21-Day M&A Strategy Email Course

This course is packed with information that has been refined over the course of Jeremy's 20 years in the world of M&A. The course is broken down into eight modules, some which expand on concepts introduced in the M&A eBook and some which introduce entirely new concepts and terms.

The eight modules are:

1. How To Source Deals

2. How To Build Rapport and Fact Find

3. How To Structure Zero Cash Upfront Deals

4. How To Meet and Close Deals

5. Legal Hacks

6. Strategies To Fix and Improve Businesses

7. Exit Strategies

8. Wealth Creation Strategies 

Most Entrepreneurs are Focused on Starting Up Their Own Business

They may buy or sell a company just once or twice in their careers. Through my network, The Harbour Club, I teach you how to buy and sell companies with no experience and no cash upfront.

My passion for changing the mindset about wealth creation has helped entrepreneurs across the globe do hundreds of lucrative deals. Grab a copy of one of my books for even more information about my strategies.